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Additional Info

  • Loungers:n/a
  • Size:1.99m x 1.99m x .92m
  • Jets:10
  • Therapy rating:5/10
  • Suitability:Our entry level family spa.
  • Factory direct price:8,995 CHF

8,995.00 CHF

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Is the Eon for you?

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The Eon is simply the best entry level spa on the market. You will not find a better built, better equipped spa for under $5000.

  • person iconSeats 4-5 adults
    in comfort
  • power icon13 powerful
    therapeutic jets
  • rating icon5 / 10
    Therapy rating
  • dimension iconDimensions (cm):
    199 x 199 x 93cm
  • dimensions iconVolume:
    900 Litres

Eon Seating Design

vortex aus Eon 5 peopleSeating for five

Room for the whole family. The Eon seats five people in comfort.


vortex aus eon twin backBack Therapy Seating

The Eon boasts two back therapy seats. A series of 75mm directional jets target the upper and middle back to soothe those hard to reach places.


vortex eon aus twin cool downTwin Cool Down Seating

The Eon has two 'cool down' seats that raise you out of the water just enough to cool your body temperature. This seat is also ideal for the smaller members of the family.


vortex eonEon childToddler seat

The Eon can be enjoyed by the whole family. The toddler seat is ideal for those smaller members of the family that would other wise have to sit on an adults lap.


Colour Options

Cabinet Colours

Eon Features

vortex aus eon tranquil Tranquil water feature

The Eon has a twin waterfall and a back lit-water cascade feature that creates a tranquil atmosphere. The feature runs from the filtration pump so it even works when the jets are tuned off. ff.



vortex aus eon jet Individual seat pressure control

Everyone is different and thats why the Eon has individual jet pressure controls for each seat. Whether you like a deep massage or something a bit more gentle, you can adjust the power to suit your mood.



health indicator Vortex Spa Spa health indicator

With the Vortex spa health indicator, you can quickly and easily see if your spa is up to temperature without even lifting the lid. The Vortex badge shines blue if the water is within 5°C of your selected temperature. If it shows red, then it is either too hot or cold or may have an error code on the control pad.