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Additional Info

  • Loungers:2
  • Size:1.99m x 1.99m x 0.83m1.99m x 1.99m x .92m
  • Jets:28
  • Therapy rating:6/10
  • Suitability:Our entry level twin lounger spa.
  • Factory direct price:8,495 CHF

8,495.00 CHF


Is the Azure for you?

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The Azure is a great entry level spa pool. This 2 metre by 2 metre Azure provides outstanding value and great in-spa features which provide benefits and relaxation for all who experience the Azure. Twin loungers and a large foot well mean the Azure will comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults. At only 80cm high, the Azure is easy to fit through narrow gateways and some internal doors, meaning its options for location and accessibility are increased even if you have limited space.

The Vortex neck therapy collar is included with the Azure and adds a new dimension of relaxation to your in spa experience. The neck therapy collar has been specially created for those who want to eliminate tension and muscular cramps, carried through the upper neck and shoulders from daily stress and exhaustion. Your spa pool should be your sanctuary of relaxation, the Azure paired with the Neck therapy collar makes sure of that.

  • person iconSeats 4 adults
    in comfort 
  • power icon28 powerful
    therapeutic jets 
  • rating icon6 / 10
    Therapy rating 
  • dimension iconDimensions (cm):
    199 x 199 x 83cm 
  • dimensions iconVolume:
    1250 Litres 

Azure Seating Design

Azure2014 4 people whiteSeating for four

Room for the whole family. The Azure seats 4 people in comfort.


Azure2014 twin lounger whiteDual loungers

With twin loungers, there will be no fighting over who gets the best seat in the house. The Azure’s dual ergonomically designed, fully jetted hydrotherapy recliners provide the perfect way to relax and unwind.


Azure2014 neck and sholder whiteShoulder and neck therapy

If you feel stress and tension in your shoulders, you will love the Azure's neck and shoulder therapy seat. With 4 massaging jets embedded within the therapy collar, you will experience a sublime hydrotherapy massage.


Azure2014 Cool down whiteCool down seat

The Azure is equipped with a cool down seat to help regulate your body temperature.


Colour Options

Cabinet Colours

Azure Features

Lounger seat Dual lounger seats

Don't fight over the best seat in the house: the Azure spa has two. The spa's lounger is usually the most comfortable and therefore coveted seat in the spa. To avoid spa time arguments, almost every Vortex Spa pool has two luxurious hydrotherapy loungers.



Palladium jet controller Individual seat pressure control

Just as some like hard beds and some like soft, there is a variety of personal preference when it comes to jet pressure. To ensure complete satisfaction for all, each seat in your Vortex spa pool can be controlled with the seat's pressure control dial. In addition, most jets can be individually controlled, directing pressure to where you need it most.



Azure neck Neck therapy collar

Optional on most Vortex spa pool models, the neck therapy collar incorporates jets specially designed to eliminate stress and tension carried in the neck and shoulder area. Choosing the neck therapy collar is like having your own personal masseuse on stand by, to sooth away the stresses of your day.



health indicator Spa health indicator

The Vortex spa health indicator light is a clever little addition that shows you if the spa is up to temperature and working correctly. If the light is blue, the water is within 5°C of your selected temperature. If it shows red, then it is either too hot or cold or may have an error code on the control pad.