Aqualap Extreme

Jahr der Veröffentlichung 2017

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Aqualap Extreme

Aqualap Extreme

Additional Info

  • Loungers:1
  • Size:5.85m x 2.30m x 1.30m
  • Jets:82
  • Therapy rating:10/10
  • Suitability:An extra long swim spa giving many of the advantages of a lap pool
  • Factory direct price:34,995 CHF

34,995.00 CHF


Is the Aqualap for you?

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If you have always aspired to a lap pool at home, but don't have the room, the Aqualap is for you.

  • person iconSeats 4 adults
    in comfort
  • power icon84 powerful
    therapeutic jets
  • rating icon9 / 10
    Therapy rating
  • dimension iconDimensions (cm):
    585 x 230 x 130
  • dimensions iconVolume:
    7,000 Litres

Aqualap Extreme Seating Design

Aqualap Extreme2014 4people whiteSeating for four

Room for the whole family. The Aqualap Extreme seats 4 people in comfort.

Aqualap Extreme LoungerLounger seat

Whatever your favourite swim work out is, you can always treat yourself to the perfect recovery treatment.  The Aqualap Extreme has a fully jetted hydrotherapy recliner that offers the perfect way massage those aching muscles.

Aquagym Pro2014 neck and sholder whiteNeck and shoulder massage seat

The Aqualap Extreme has a neck and shoulder massage seat that loosens up all that tension built up from the stresses of daily life.

Aquagym Pro2014 cool down whiteCool down seat

Swimming can certainly generate some heat! We have added a cool down seat that raises you out of the water enough to cool off a little. Cooling off doesn't mean you are missing out, the seat is equipped with powerful jets that work away on your back. This seat is also perfect for the smaller members of the family.

Aqualap Extreme2014 back therapy whiteBack therapy seat

The Aqualap Extreme has a back therapy seat. Enjoy a massage the full length of your back as six 75mm spinning jets work away to relieve those tight spots.

Colour Options

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Aqualap Extreme Features

Aqualap Extreme2014 lounger Lounger seat

Vortex lounger seats are designed to give you the ultimate all over massage. Let the powerful 127mm jets focus on your back, while 50mm directional jets sooth the back of your legs and directional 75mm jets take care of your feet. Life is good.


Swim jets4 aqualap extreme High volume swim Jets

Vortex's high volume swim jets are designed to generate enough current for you to swim against. The Aqualap Extreme has four swim jets. The jets can be individually controlled to give you the perfect current to match your swimming pace.


Aqualap Extreme2014 jet controler Individual seat pressure control

Just as some like hard beds and some like soft, there is a variety of personal preference when it comes to jet pressure. To ensure complete satisfaction for all, each seat in your Vortex spa pool can be controlled with the seat's pressure control dial. In addition, most jets can be individually controlled, directing pressure to where you need it most.


Aqualap Extreme2014 neck coller Neck therapy collar

If you feel stress and tension in your shoulders, you will love the Aqualap Extreme's neck and shoulder therapy seat. With 4 massaging jets embedded within the therapy collar, you will experience a sublime hydrotherapy massage.


Aqualap Extreme2014 ilumination Tranquil water feature

No other spa pool offers as many ways to illuminate your spa. Flood lighting, jet lights, back lit drink holders and water features, waterline illumination and access lighting can all be added to your Vortex spa pool to enhance and brighten your in-spa experience.


Laminar 1 Laminar jets

Twin streams of water are illuminated and arc across the spa pool to form an impressive visual display. Even when not using the spa pool, you can transform it into a water and light display to enhance any back yard event


health indicator Spa health indicator

The Vortex spa health indicator light is a clever little addition that shows you if the spa is up to temperature and working correctly. If the light is blue, the water is within 5°C of your selected temperature. If it shows red, then it is either too hot or cold or may have an error code on the control pad.