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Additional Info

  • Loungers:1
  • Size:3.98m x 2.31m x 1.30m
  • Jets:60
  • Therapy rating:6/10
  • Suitability:A more compact swim spa that retains all the bells and whistles of the Aquagym Max.
  • Factory direct price:27,995 CHF

27,995.00 CHF


Is the Aquagym for you?

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The Aquagym is Vortex’s compact swim spa. Although this model is slightly smaller than the standard swim spa, the Aquagym still retains all the bells and whistles of the larger models. With the ability to comfortably seat up to 3 adults, 60 therapeutic jets and numerous features make your time in the Aquagym a unique experience. Whether you want to enjoy a good exercise session or surrender to the calm vibes of the warm waters and rhythmic jets, the Aquagym can provide a number of experiences.

The neck and shoulder therapy seat provides a neck therapy collar with 4 embedded jets giving the ultimate hydrotherapy massage to the most stressed and tense areas. Aquagym’s water features complete your spa pool experience. Twin waterfalls and a back lit water cascade add to your relaxation experience or provide a great entertainment feature for the backyard. As these features run off the filtration pump they can be used even when the jets are turned off.


  • person iconSeats 3 adults
    in comfort


  • power icon60 powerful
    therapeutic jets


  • rating icon7 / 10
    Therapy rating


  • dimension iconDimensions (cm):
    398 x 231 x 130cm


  • dimensions iconVolume:
    6,250 Litres


Aquagym Seating Design

Aquagym Pro2014 3people whiteSeating for three

The Aquagym can comfortably seat three adults.


Aquagym Pro2014 back whiteBack massage seats

The Aquagym has a back massage seat designed to target all those tight spots that daily life brings.


Aquagym Pro2014 cool down whiteCool down seat

Keep your body heat regulated with the Aquagym's cool down seat. While your cooling down you can let the powerful 127mm single spinning jet work it's magic with a targeted lower-back massage.


Aquagym Pro2014 neck and sholder whiteNeck and shoulder massage

Relax and let the six 75mm jets loosen up your back while the 50mm downward facing jets sooth your neck and shoulders.


Aquagym2014 overhead twin toddler seat whiteTwin toddler seat

Enjoying a spa shouldn’t have to exclude the little ones. The Aquagym’s twin toddler seat is ideal for 2-5 year olds who may otherwise have to sit on an adult's lap.


Colour Options

Cabinet Colours

Aquagym Features

Aquagym swim jet High volume swim Jets

Vortex 150mm swim jets are designed to create a current strong enough to swim against. The Aquagym has two swim jets, each jet is adjustable so you can personalise the current to suit your work out.



Aquagym jet controller Individual seat pressure control

Just as some like hard beds and some like soft, there is a variety of personal preference when it comes to jet pressure. To ensure complete satisfaction for all, each seat in your Vortex spa pool can be controlled with the seat's pressure control dial. In addition, most jets can be individually controlled, directing pressure to where you need it most.



Aquagym neck pillow Neck therapy collar

Optional on most Vortex spa pool models, the neck therapy collar incorporates jets specially designed to eliminate stress and tension carried in the neck and shoulder area. Choosing the neck therapy collar is like having your own personal masseuse on stand by, to sooth away the stresses of your day.



aquagym water feature tranquil Tranquil water feature

Turn your swim spa into a water feature with twin waterfalls and a back lit water cascade. Running off the filtration pump, these tranquil water features can operate even with all of the jets turned of..



Laminar 1 Laminar jets

Twin streams of water are illuminated and arc across the spa pool to form an impressive visual display. Even when not using the spa pool, you can transform it into a water and light display to enhance any back yard even.



health indicator Spa health indicator

The Vortex spa health indicator light is a clever little addition that shows you if the spa is up to temperature and working correctly. If the light is blue, the water is within 5°C of your selected temperature. If it shows red, then it is either too hot or cold or may have an error code on the control pad.