Jahr der Veröffentlichung 2017

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Additional Info

  • Loungers:1
  • Size:2.07m x 1.57m x 0.80m
  • Jets:19
  • Therapy rating:6/10
  • Suitability:A super compact hydrotherapy spa for up to 3 adults.
  • Factory direct price:8,695 CHF

8,695.00 CHF


Is the Alpha for you?

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The Alpha is a compact model, ideal for couples. The Alpha can comfortably seat up to 3 adults, but it is a more ideal model to be enjoyed as a couple or alone. The Alpha provides a single lounger and two upright seats facing one other. With 19 hydrotherapy jets built into the spa, you are guaranteed a great hydrotherapy massage experience. The Alpha has the same control system and pumps as any of our other spas from the larger spa pool range. The Alpha may be compact but it is packed full with quality and style.

Since the Alpha has a smaller water capacity, this results in minimal running costs. Another benefit that comes from the Alpha’s compact size is its ability to fit into small spaces, or even inside the home. Great for those who want the luxury of a spa pool but don’t think they have the space. If you are looking for a spa which will accommodate more people for entertaining purposes, we suggest you look at one of our larger models such as the Mercury, Azure or Novus.

  • person iconSeats 3 adults
    in comfort 
  • power icon19 powerful
    therapeutic jets 
  • rating icon6 / 10
    Therapy rating 
  • dimension iconDimensions (cm):
    207 x 157 x 80cm 
  • dimensions iconVolume:
    600 Litres 

Alpha Seating Design

Alpha person3Seating for three

The Alpha seats 3 adults in comfort.


Alpha loungerHydrotherapy lounger

The Alpha's hydrotherapy lounger combines upper and lower back massage with fantastic leg and foot massage to bring you the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.


Alpha back massageBack massage seat

Relax in the Alpha's back massage seat and let the powerful jet focus on the lower back, while the three softer jets loosen up your shoulders and upper back.


Alpha back massageFocused back massage

A carefully placed powerful jet focuses on your central back to help you unwind and relax.


Colour Options

Cabinet Colours

Alpha Features

Alpha single lounger Hydrotherapy lounger

The Alpha's hydrotherapy lounger combines upper and lower back massage with fantastic leg massage to bring you the ultimate hydrotherapy experience



Nitro2014 pressure control Individual seat pressure control

Just as some like hard beds and some like soft, there is a variety of personal preference when it comes to jet pressure. To ensure complete satisfaction for all, each seat in your Vortex spa pool can be controlled with the seat's pressure control dial. In addition, most jets can be individually controlled, directing pressure to where you need it most.



health indicator Spa health indicator

The Vortex spa health indicator light is a cleaver little addition that shows you if the spa is up to temperature and working correctly. If the light is blue, the water is within 5°C of your selected temperature. If it shows red, then it is either too hot or cold or may have an error code on the control pad.