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  • Retractable/tilt/microphone
  • 2 movements
  • 21,5”
  • Full HD
  • Fully motorised

DynamicX2Talk is state-of-the-art reliable, retractable, individually addressable and remotely diagnosable monitor which also integrates an independent lift system for “gooseneck” type microphones to be used in conference rooms, meeting rooms, board rooms, auditoriums and public areas. The monitor is silent, fast and extremely elegant with a modern and classic design, made of mechanised and anodised aluminium. The upper table cover plate integrates a mechanism to lift and retract “gooseneck” type microphones equipped with a LED ring which changes color from green to red, to indicate the readiness of the user to talk. Furthermore, the system can also integrate a full HD video camera, becoming a complete audio and video conference station, which can disappear within the desk when not required. DynamicX2Talk provides automatic tilting by using only one engine (a system which is protected by an international patent). Its static cover plate prevents dirt or objects from falling inside the mechanism and the lift system has different speed levels depending on the screen position, resulting in a harmonious drive (thus avoiding abrupt movements). An independent lift for the microphone, with a stylish round edge has been added to this solution and consequently, the user can select to have screen only, microphone only, both or none.