Gründungsjahr 2000

Bauwerksdatenmodellierung (BIM)
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Are you familiar with the old conventional wisdom ‘the early bird gets the worm’? Here at ArtSound, we know better: the second mouse gets the cheese. If you’re not big, then you have to be smart. In other words, we are not pretentious enough to think that our products have to be the first on the market. Nor do we feel compelled to change the world. Our products just have to offer solutions!

I admit, it sounds like an advertising slogan, but we do mean it. By listening carefully to what you - our customers – expect from us, we have increased our range sixfold over the years. Thanks to your ideas. We can summarise all of these products using one common denominator: SMART. And this is where our mission statement comes from: ‘Smart Solutions in Audio’.

In other words: at ArtSound, you will find a loudspeaker for every situation, in every style or colour, for every environment or application. ArtSound is a touch cocky, with a healthy dose of self-confidence, sincere and proper, and also important: just your size and affordable. Okay, we might be the second mouse, but we’re far from average!



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